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The internet is a big part of the digital world, so to use it for something like this would be a waste of time.

That’s a valid point. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the luxury of time to waste. When it comes to my own personal finances, I make about 2/3 of my income from the internet. I have a couple of sites that I run, but most of that income comes from blogging and affiliate sales. I usually think of it as a hobby, but I also enjoy the game of having that income.

Yes, the internet is a huge part of our life as humans, but what it has done for us is to make us more comfortable with our own money. It is a huge part of our lives, but it also frees us from having to constantly worry about money. I love having that income because it allows me to enjoy life more.

I started blogging, and then I started making money off of it. I blogged for free, then I invested in a service (like Wealthy Affiliate) that will pay me a percentage of sales to me. I was a little hesitant at first, but now I’m in a really good place. Not only do I get to keep all the money that was generated from the blog, but I also get to keep all the time that blogging put into me.

The last week of my life I was in a little financial mess, so I kept my income and my money.

You know what? I’m so impressed with this! You really are living your life on the internet at least as well as you’re blogging. I’m even more impressed with your ability to keep it all together and not let it fall apart. I’m pretty much living my life on the internet, but I only have one income and spend most of it on making sure that I’m keeping my blog on the internet.

The other day I got an email that said I had to send a gift to my blog to a certain address. I thought, “That’s not a big deal. I’ll just send it”. I was really excited because I have an Amazon gift card and I was going to have to buy something for my blog anyway. I was sure that there would be many other people that got that same email.

Apparently there were a lot of people who got that same email, and in order to be on the list, you had to send a specific amount of money. The total amount of money sent is in the email, but what really matters is that it was sent to a specific address. There’s also an option to send a gift.

The actual amount of money that you are supposed to send is not stated in the email, but it can be read in the confirmation email that you get. However, I was told that the amount is based on the dollar amount of the gift card.

While you are going to take it out, you should probably go ahead and send a gift card.

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