tcl roku tv wont connect to internet

I’ve been having this problem on my Toshiba laptop for the past week. I can’t even get to the tv, and I can’t get to my email. It appears that the tv remote is not working properly with the Toshiba laptop, which usually means that I can’t get to my email.

After a couple hours of frustration I was able to figure out that the problem was that the TV remote was only working after TCL RoKu (which has the same issues) was installed. I installed Tcl on my laptop, and that solved the problem.

To my knowledge, this is a very rare problem. I’ve not seen any other Toshiba laptops with the same problem. The Toshiba laptop I’m running TCL on is a brand new one, and I’ve not even tried any third party or hackintosh solutions. The problem seems to be more widespread with Toshiba laptops than other brands.

I was having problems connecting to my internet router through my wireless N connection. It seemed to be working when it was connected with my laptop, but once I disconnected it, it stopped working. I have this same problem in my other Toshiba laptops as well. Ive not had this issue on my other laptops since the late 90s. The TCL RoKu installation appears to fix it for me, but I am not sure if I have the same issue on other Toshiba computers.

tcl just seems to work with a different kind of internet connection…

I’ve read from multiple sources that tcl has a bug where it doesn’t properly recognize your wireless router. The issue has been discussed in an open issue and it’s been addressed in a newer version of tcl (currently 0.10.0).

It’s not just Toshiba laptops though. I have also had this issue on a couple of Dell workstations as well. It just seems like most tech support people just have no interest in fixing it. I have not bothered searching for it on forums, but I can’t imagine most people would have this issue.

If you have a Toshiba laptop and one of your wireless routers, I would recommend the workaround of buying a wireless router with a D-link chip in it. You can then use the Wi-Fi icon on your task bar to connect to the Internet.

Toshiba is no longer a brand in tech support circles. They are now a brand for laptop manufacturers. This is a big issue as Toshiba notebooks are often made for the very low cost of making them with cheap internals.

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