what is the difference between internet and ethernet

The differences between internet and ethernet may seem like small ones, but they are actually some of the biggest differences between the two types of networking.

Ethernet is a protocol that allows computers to communicate over a cable; that’s all ethernet is. Internet is a network of computers that communicate over a network. So if you want to talk to somebody online, you go to their computer, you go to their computer, you go to their computer, and you can actually interact with them via a network.

Internet and ethernet are just different ways of looking at the same thing. In the beginning you just have a bunch of computers that talk and a bunch of cables. Then a bunch of other computers that plug into your computer and talk to your computer and interact with your computer. It’s like a lot of things in life, but it’s really a lot more complicated than that.

In regards to ethernet, we’re not talking about a bunch of computers talking to computers that talk to each other. We’re talking about a computer that actually talks to other computers. With internet, you could have this conversation about, “Hey, I’m on the internet right now. What’s up?” and then a bunch of people who are sitting at the computer are going to go “Hmm, you know, I’m in my pajamas, and I’m feeling a little lonely.

That’s exactly what internet is. Ethernet is a computer that talks to other computers. The computers that talk to each other have been assigned a common IP address; this is often called a network. The computers are communicating with each other by using a TCP/IP protocol. You can think of it like the Internet, except one computer does all the talking and the other computers just listen and keep trying to find their own IP address.

Now lets take a look at ethernet. The primary difference between internet and ethernet is that ethernet was invented a long time before the internet was even invented. It was invented in 1957, and it was the first computer we ever went into with our eyes closed and our ears plugged in. It was also the first computer we ever saw that had a keyboard that looked like a typewriter. The computer in ethernet was the first computer we ever saw that was connected to the internet.

The ethernet protocol was the first computer protocol that we had to deal with. And the internet connection was just a protocol that allowed us to communicate. It was a different kind of connection though, it was not the same as the internet connection. It had less overhead. It also did not have the ability to transmit large packets, so it was probably easier to send a computer over the internet connection.

ethernet is the internet protocol that allows us to communicate. If you connect your computer to an ethernet port, you will be able to send and receive data via a ethernet connection. Nowadays, most computers have a wired ethernet port, and that’s the connection we use.

The internet connection was what we had before the explosion, and that is still what we have today. It allows us to access the internet, and it allows us to send and receive data. We now have some form of ethernet connection, but it is still just an internet connection. It doesn’t really matter; it is still an internet connection, but it is not something we actually use to connect to the internet.

The internet has both a wired connection and a wireless connection. They are different modes of connection, but we can connect to both. A wireless connection allows us to access the internet wirelessly, while a wired connection can only access the internet through a wired connection.

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